The Archive

The W.R. Mitchell Archive is a collection of over 200 cassette tapes of which 16 have been digitised and 14 are on-line here on this website.

To discover the extent of the physical archive please download our collection description.

The W.R. Mitchell Collection Description (PDF)

We also have a handlist of the collection for download:

The W.R. Mitchell Archive Handlist (PDF)

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The W.R. Mitchell Archive is a collection of oral history recordings and other materials which were collected by Dr. W.R. Mitchell to record the past history of Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire. The Archive is maintained by Settle Stories Ltd. (registered charity no.1141649 and registered company no.7515653). The Archive is a public resource for individuals and organisations engaged in social, cultural and historical research.

Settle Stories Ltd has made every reasonable effort to contact the rights holders for the estates of the interviewees whose recordings appear on this website. Please contact for further information.